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Luxury VILLAS for sale in MARBELLA
We have a fabulous selection of luxury villas for sale in exclusive areas of Marbella and of Costa del Sol
The World Marbella
Luxury apartments are comprised of three to four bedroom en suites 
finished to the highest standards
Meisho Hills
Villas with oriental aesthetic situated in the most prestigious residential area of Marbella, Sierra Blanca.

Sales and Rentals of Properties in Marbella and Costa del Sol, Spain

Property for sale and for rent in Marbella and the Costa del Sol, Spain – Real Estate Agency Costa Marbella Property, an expert on working with objects of unsurpassed quality, using your own expert knowledge of the market. We always try to fully and quickly identify the assigned tasks to perform it accurately and quickly as it possible.

In the objects “Luxury Property” for your attention, we have a wide selection of luxury villas and apartments are located in a high-level complexes and the best areas of Marbella and the southern coast of Spain, Costa del Sol. Amazing location, excellent quality construction and finishing materials and exclusive features make this property unique not only for Marbella and the Costa del Sol, but also for Europe as a whole.

Property for Rent in Marbella and Costa del Sol

The agency Real Estate Costa Marbella Property offer our customers the ability to view the most complete portfolio of the properties provided for sale on the market of Marbella and the southern region of Spain, an exclusive quality service and individual approach to each of our clients, legal support guaranteed experience in all stages of transactions sale or lease of all types of real estate: exclusive apartments and luxury villas in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.


La Zagaleta is located in one of the most privileged areas of the Costa del Sol, just a few kilometers from Marbella and 60kms from the international airport of Malaga, this impressive private preserve, was founded and developed in Benahavis in 1991, with the objective to become one of the most private, safe and prestigious […]

При покупке недвижимости, кроме непосредственной стоимости объекта, следует также включить в общий бюджет и затраты на приобретение. Сумма затрат на оформление права собственности на  вторичное жилье составит приблизительно 10 — 11% от стоимости объекта. Новые объекты от застройщика облагаются НДС, поэтому затраты на покупку составят примерно 12%. Дополнительно также оплачиваются услуги адвоката. Если иные условия […]

In Spain, all property must be registered with the “Registro de Propiedad” (“Register de Propiedad”), the Land Registry. This information is publicly available and easy to find, knowing the data needed to search. The main document is called “nota simple” (“note simple”) and is an extract from the Land Registry. It indicates the name of […]

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